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bwaydaily's Journal

Broadway Daily
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Hey all, welcome to bwaydaily!

We are a community much like ohnotheydidnt, catered to those interested in broadway. We post news stories, daily participation posts, and encourage members to contribute their own theater related news, experiences, photos, etc.

There is a set of rules since we want this to be a fun place to share our love for live theatre.

(as of 03/08/10)

  • While theatre has it's share of drama, personal attacks against members of this community as well as fans of the greater broadway community will not be tolerated. You will be banned.

  • If you don't know who an actor/show/etc. is, try googling or wiki-ing first. Ibdb is also a valuable resource.

  • It seems obvious to say but please keep the posts/comments broadway related and also appropriate for ages 14 and up. The posts are moderated so it is pointless to spend time on an offensive post that will be rejected. If derogatory or hostile comments are made, you will be banned. No questions asked.

  • Place spoilers, BOOTLEGS OF ANY KIND, large (or multiple) images and videos behind a cut.

  • There should be a source on all submissions (obviously excluding reviews/stagedoor pics and blind items).

  • We are not expecting every post to be sunshine and roses or a bunch of unicorns roasting marshmallows while singing Kumbaya, but please, keep the criticism constructive.

  • With the rise in popularity of Facebook and Myspace comes the proliferation of private photos and their dispersion around the internet. If an actor confirms a role or a gig, that's fine. If an actor posts a picture drinking/smoking/etc., the place for that is not here. Use your better judgment.

  • Any anonymous comments made in regular news posts that are not the official weekly Anon Post will be deleted. You can't just use the anon option as an excuse to be bitchy.

  • Any suggestions are appreciated/welcome. Feel free to keep them to this post. :D


    Want to affiliate? Email bwaydaily@gmail.com